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    Dr. Ameera Cluntun

    Ameera is an Emergency Medicine Consultant from King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She completed her Clinical Simulation Fellowship from STRATUS Simulation Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/ Harvard Medical Schools in Boston, USA. Ameera is currently the General Manager of Academic Affairs at the Health Academy / SCFHS. She also has received her Master’s degree in Health Professions Education from the MGH Institute of Health Profession, and is a certified healthcare simulation educator.

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    Mr. Ibrahim Alsalamah

    Ibrahim Alsalamah is a Respiratory Therapist began working as a simulation specialist, standardized patient specialist, in Dec 2019. And became a part of the scientific committee for SimGhost Saudi Arabia.

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    Ms. Amal Alghamdi

    Amal Alghamdi. Ms.C, is an instructional design specialist, Currently is the A/ Manager of undergraduate education at Simulation and Skills Development Center. has a master degree in Instructional design(Education Technology) from Indiana state university, USA.

    She has been in the simulation field about Five years .Her core job is to practice of creating "instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge and skill more efficient, effective, and appealing.".

    She has Developed programs, courses, and scenarios based on theory and method and using many instructional design models such as , IDDIE , ASSURE, and Dick and Carey .

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    Ms. Samah Madani

    Samah Madani is a Simulation Moulage Specialist , Bachelor of Education in Arts , She has worked in the field of education , She activated a standardized patient in House (PNU students) program , Membership in Saudi Society for Simulation in Healthcare

    Membership in Riyadh Moulage Team. And became a part of the scientific committee for SimGhost Saudi Arabia.”

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    Ms. Reem. AlAjmi

    Creating unforgettable experiences for learning in very comfortable environment is my passion and sharing the knowledge and skills to other learners is my dream.

    Ms. REEM ALAJMI is a Simulation Specialist I at Simulation Center in Princess nourah bint Abdulrahman University.

    In addition , She also Senior Optometrist Specialist at the Ophthalmology Department, king Abdullah bin Abdulaziz university hospital, PNU since 2018.

    She have Knowledge and experience in eye filed as Optometrist & In Clinical Research as “ Co- Investigator “ , Also in Simulation with total of 12 years’ experience She is the Founder & In-charge of Standardized Patient Program since 2015 Simulation Center, PNU. She is Founder & In-charge of SP in House Program since 2018 at Simulation Center, PNU.

    Ms. REEM ALAJMI is a certified Adv. Medical Moulage & Expert. Also Instructor in Riyadh Moulag Team.

    She is Certified of TOT in Medical Field National and international. She actively participates in the integration of simulation in the undergraduate curriculum at PNU. She has an interest in medical research and research-related simulation. Ms. Reem has several participation on Simulation Conferences local and international

    Member of Saudi society of health simulation SSSH member of the Branches Reginal Bylaw @ SSSH committee. Member of the International and local partnerships @SSSH committee. Member of the Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE ), USA .

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    Ms. Ghadah. Mujlli

    A Simulation Educator in SSDC with a master in medical education. She’s involved in several simulation activities and interested in simulation scenario design, assessment, and also interested and involved in academic and clinical research.

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    Mr. Abdulmjeed AlGhosen

    Simulation operation specialist who has a bachelor degree in biomedical engineering, Engr.Abdulmajeed worked as the project manager for the SSIH(Society of Simulation in Healthcare) accreditation that was recently gained by SSDC(The Simulation and Skills Development Center).